Elusion - Panfandom

Canons and OC's - Jcink Prem - 18+

E L U S I O N ~ Panfandom ~ Jcink Prem ~ Canons and OC's ~ 18+ ~ 3/3/3


We've been open for 1 Year and are still going strong! Active, friendly, welcoming, and inclusive. Tons of popular canon characters are available and we are accepting applications for Original Characters as well! Come join the fun and get involved in our immersive, versatile world.

- Active, friendly Discord chat
- Shipper App
- No WC
- OC friendly
- Multi-Genre
- Animated and/or realistic face claims
- Activity Req = 3 Posts per month, with 7 AC Passes given to members every year to use for emergencies.
- Players can have as many characters as they can keep active.
- Characters can be from Film/TV, Animation, Books, Musicals, TTRPGs, Comics, or video games.

Check out our site and say hello in our Discord Server!

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