Eclipse Reborn

An Active & Realistic Powers RP

Eclipse Reborn - An Active & Realistic Powers RP

Ordinary people, with extraordinary abilities
Something unexpected is happening. You could call it evolution... or just plain bad luck. All across the globe, seemingly regular people have begun to display irregular abilities. A secret faction works in the background to bring this phenomenon under control, while another seeks to unleash it.

What side will you be on? The side of secrecy or control? Join us, and find out if you were always destined to be a Hero... or a Villain.

Eclipse Reborn is a unique, gritty and realistic Superpowers RP. Taking inspiration from the likes of Heroes, X-Men, The Boys and others, we're looking to carve our own new path. We are an adult roleplay, open to all levels, have no word count and knowledge of fandoms is not required.

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