Driving Toward Death

Supernatural site set in Scylla Bay, Alaska. No WC. Unique creatures along with standard vamps and werewolves.

Scylla Bay, Alaska is just like any other town in Alaska: cool in the summer, bitterly cold in the winter, and full of people helping people. There might be a slightly (read: majorly) high supernatural population, but potentially freezing to death kind of motivates us all to get along. Day by day, sunrise by sunset, we all go along with our lives in our sleepy little town.

For the optimistic, the supernaturals were incentivized to come here by the United States branch of the UN, with offers of free education, housing, and a place to call their own. Scylla Bay was established as a safe haven for supernaturals, but humans, like always, are curious about the strange phenomena in Scylla Bay, which includes the mayor never being seen in what little broad daylight the town has and giant nests appearing in the forests outside of town.

For the pessimistic, the supernaturals were herded to Scylla Bay--it was either that or live in fear of both the government and the hunters running amok. Some say there are still hunters in the small town of Scylla Bay--a lot of them, in fact--but the suspicious are brushed aside, chalked up as being crazy or paranoid.

For the realistic, well... I suppose that's why you're here, aren't you? To figure out the truth?

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