Dream City RPG

Live Your Dreams

Live your dreams.

Dream City, a modern fantasy world that you can only visit when you are in the deepest of sleep. Normally a land where you can explore the innermost parts of your dreams, is being taken over by darkness and your worst nightmares.

Prophetic, Sweet, Nightmare and Special Agent Felicity Aisling fight alongside you to save the city and restore balance. Acquire special powers and abilities to help you fight the evil that is taking over. But don’t forget to take a break, explore the different parts of the city and the surrounding areas with your new companions.

Dream City RPG allows members to explore their dreams to the fullest extent. Dreamers can join forces and help save the city with their new found powers, abilities, and friends.

And don't worry! If you want to roleplay other ideas or fandoms, there is an OOC section just for that!