Dragon's Edge

An Open World How to Train your Dragon RP

Dragon's Edge is a young roleplay still getting its footing, we offer an open world for your to play in, with new forums and new RP boards being added frequently. The timeline of the forum is something of a mash up between the events in Race to the Edge, and the second film, but by and large runs off its own member driven plots and ideas, we have open doors to anyone who might wish to suggest site-wide plots and new locations to roleplay in. Our world is ever expanding, and you are largely at the wheel of that.

We offer people to play canon characters, OCs, and even dragons! The list of canon characters available is always growing, so if you don't see the one you want to play listed, feel free to drop a request for them to be added!

DE also offers a shop system that lets players purchase various items and assets for their characters.

Our rules are relatively relaxed and welcoming to creativity and your own ideas, and our open door policy gives members freedom to input their voices and have them heard.
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