Dragon Lore

Dragons, Original, Fantasy, NWC

Welcome to Elesya. A place where magic runs rampant and the creatures of fairy tales are real. A place where humans and wizards coincide harmoniously and peace has fallen over land for one hundred. One hundred and fifty years ago the beings of Elesya were torn apart by war. Searching for the ultimate weapon. For twenty years they searched until they finally learned of the Dragon Gems.

Fiercely guarded by their dragon protectors, the Dragon Gems gave their holders the powers they possessed. There were twelve gems in total. The only confirmed powers were the four elements (fire, earth, water and air), the winter gem (control of ice and snow), and the shadow gem (the ability to make the shadows corporeal).

The Fair Folk, Elves, Humans and Magic Users all formed together to try and take down the powerful dragons. For fifty years the Dragon/Elesyian war raged on until one day, the dragons disappeared, taking their gems along with them. Since then, the alliance has fallen apart and the different people have branched back to their homes. The Elves were banished to the Sutherlands, the Fair Folk returned to their lands and the humans and magic users founded kingdoms and empires.

Now, after one hundred years of relative peace, the ominous winds are stirring. There are rumors of Dragon Gems return and with them a dark, powerful evil, they've never seen before. The only question remains with you. Where will you side in this upcoming war?