Dragon Age: Chronicles of Thedas

DA RP - 18+ Community - JCINK Premium

Dragon Age: Chronicles of Thedas - DA RP - 18+ Community - JCINK Premium

* Please note that we are an 18+, jcink premium roleplay. Our discord is for OOC communication; we roleplay on our site. *

Love. Politics. Magic. Action.

Dragon Age: Origins timeline: begins at 9:30 Dragon
In 9:30 Dragon, the ruins of Ostagar stage a brutal conflict: Fereldan and Grey Warden forces engage the bestial darkspawn, helmed by the noble, glory-hungry King Cailan Theirin and his famed commander, Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir. Join Warden-Commander Duncan’s recruits as they pursue the ritual that will transform them; fight for King Cailan and Teyrn Loghain under a Fereldan banner, or forge a unique path as the Fifth Blight shadows Ferelden.

Dragon Age 2 timeline: begins at 9:30 Dragon
Across the Waking Sea, throughout the 9:30s, a family of Fereldan refugees juggles poverty, tragedy, and adventure as they seek a foothold in the city-state of Kirkwall. Faced with impossible odds, the Hawkes, their friends, and their enemies must conquer insurmountable trials and mounting losses—if they can endure the inevitable.

Dragon Age: Inquisition timeline: begins at 9:41 Dragon
When the Temple of Sacred Ashes explodes in 9:41 Dragon, the survivor emerges with a green, glowing hand—and becomes a Thedosian legend. As the burgeoning Inquisition finds political and economic purchase, the new Herald of Andraste is tasked with the unthinkable: close the Breach.

At Chronicles, explore the fantastical, blood-pumping events of “Dragon Age: Origins,” “Dragon Age II,” and “Dragon Age: Inquisition” through your favorite canons and creative, charming original characters. The dawn awaits.

Each timeline will start from the beginning and follow a linear path, though players with characters present in all timelines are welcome to start at DA:O and progress to the following timelines however they wish and at a pace that is enjoyable to them (i.e. depending on their players preference, some characters may have limited availability for threads in the later timelines if said players want to flesh out their time during DA:O first for the sake of building character development). We will eventually get to the Post-Trespasser timeline.

Various in-game outcomes will be voted on via poll as a community, including the Landsmeet decision during DA:O and the conclusion of the Orlesian Civil War during DA:I. Where the latter timeline is concerned, the Inquisition won't be choosing sides in our RP as mages and templars will be recruited equally into the Inquisition. This way we'll be able to explore both In Hushed Whispers and Champions of the Just and we can furthermore explore tensions within the Inquisition itself.

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