A supernatural and fantasy RP with 20+ unique races and 60+ unique abilities to choose from.

Distension - A supernatural and fantasy RP with 20+ unique races and 60+ unique abilities to choose from.

n. The act of being expanded.

What is Distension?
Well, we are a post by post roleplaying site with a variety of settings and times. We allow members to roleplay in the past or the present, without a site-wide plot that forces everyone into participating and therefore limiting options. Although we lack said site-wide plot, we have a variety of world-changing events that you may choose to participate in, without it affecting other characters.

Distension is primarily set on modern Earth, but with a twist. Supernatural creatures live in the shadow of humankind, and Gods have begun to take an interest in mortals once again. Earth is not alone though, and there are hidden portals to other worlds.Explore these worlds, go on quests, or live a normal life on Earth with no knowledge of what’s really out there.

You can also roleplay at any point in the past, even be a caveman. Or, you could live on Nysa, a primitive world filled with dangers and unique species. Try finding your way to the Khyper-Diorem, and hopefully locate the home of the Gods.

Want to participate in current events?
A new portal has been found, leading to Nysa, where a Goddess lays trapped in a volcano. She’s calling for help, but there’s a long and dangerous journey ahead.

An old God named Somnus has awoken from exile, having been banned due to his treason against the other Gods. Once again he is amassing followers, and trying to take over. Help him take over all the worlds, or fight to stop him.

Whatever you do, we hope you have fun here at Distension!

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