Disposable Heroes

AU Next Generation Supernatural RPG

Disposable Heroes - AU Next Generation Supernatural RPG



The Road so Far...

In 2010 Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester faced their worst nightmare. The apocalypse. Sam, being possessed by Lucifer cast himself along with his younger brother Adam into Lucifer's cage. Dean, devastated by losing what he had left of his family did what he had promised his brother he would do, live a normal life with his former girlfriend Lisa and her son Ben.

What Dean didn't know what Sam had been saved from the cage. Instead of going straight to his brother, Sam decided to leave Dean believing he was trapped, proceeding to Albany, New York to start a family of his own with Sarah Blake.

What neither brother realized, was that in their battle with Lucifer, they had missed an old rival's escape. Azazel roamed once more, and carefully began selecting children once more for his crusade, just as he had done with Sam.


In 2025, one of Azazel's New Yellow-Eyed children re-opened the Gates of Hell and everything the brothers had once banished was re-released into the world. Sam had no choice but to seek out his older brother for help, revealing his long kept secret.

Together they managed to close the gates, but the terror still roams free, as do the remaining Gifteds. The Winchesters have spent the past nine years repairing their damaged relationship while their children are adjusting to a world they've been kept in the dark about.

The hunting world has come out of long retirement and old connections are coming back to light while the rest of the world is coming face to face with their worst nightmares. The time for denial is over and it's become time to face the fact that every ghost story you were ever told is true.

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