Mature fantasy set in medieval times featuring: dire wolf shifters, magic weilding humans, and a unique race of super human hunters.

dire - Mature fantasy set in medieval times featuring: dire wolf shifters, magic weilding humans, and a unique race of super human hunters.

Since the beginning of time, humans have worshiped dire wolves as their Gods, believing them holy and omnipotent beings capable of miracles. Many throughout history have witnessed the glory of their power, and those who spot a dire wolf in the wild are believed to be forever blessed. Most believed that the dire wolves themselves were the ones to bestow the humans with their magical gifts, stripping themselves of their powers to provide their children with a magnificent ability. The two lived peacefully in separation for years to come, but as the humans continued to practice their magic in excess, using it to power their cities and create well-advanced technology, the dire wolves began to wither as the world was stripped of its essence.

The humans took notice of this before long, noticing that they would spot a wild wolf significantly less often lest it be a corpse. The people begged their King for whatever he might spare in an attempt to save their Gods, and he did not provide without sympathy. King Fenrir was driven to near bankruptcy - his people were starving, their cities crumbling from lack of care - to purchase the technology and hire expert magicians capable of bringing the wolves' demise to a halt. But in the matter of a few years (and after many failed experiments), they were successful. The dire wolves were provided with a human form and human's magic, saving them from their disease and providing them further means to protect themselves.

While the dire wolves were grateful for the assistance that the humans provided them, they were different from the humans, and felt as though they did not belong with them. They did not ask the humans to be worshiped as their Gods, and could not provide the miracles that the people asked them for. It was thus that they made a decision to leave the humans and their cities behind, to move on and live their lives as they wished - not as how the humans bid it to be lived.

Distraught with abandonment, the humans turned to rage. This time they went to their King with a different request: vengeance. He responded once more, although it was not simply to please his people. Many of his people had sacrificed their lives to test out their solution to the dires' demise, and Fenrir had been without a coin to spare for some time to come. It would take much money that the crown did not possess to repair their lands from the years of neglect. And, of course, his own Gods - whom he and his predecessors had believed were the reason for his rule - had abandoned him. He would invest any further money he received into a different cause, then, this time to create a race that would obliterate the selfish and ungrateful dire wolves.

The Eximius were created - human turned beast, stripped of much of their magic to create superior strength - and hunt the dires they did. So many of the wolves were destroyed beyond recognition, and this slaughter occurred mercilessly for some time. It did not take long for the woods to grow quiet, the dire wolves either in hiding or completely gone from their world, and the Eximius to begin to wonder what use they would be in the years to come. In a matter of months, the people grew uneasy with the Eximius' presence, finding their once-brethren brutish and crude, and demanded that their King send them off to a place far away. Although frustrated with their request, finding he could use the Eximius for his own gain, Fenrir sent them off with a wave of his hand and the Eximius were relocated.

Quick Summary
  • Three races: Dire, our dire wolves that have both a human and canine form, Human (that's you!), and Eximius, a race created by the humans to hunt dire wolves
  • Gil'ead: Takes place in the world of Gil'ead and features three continents: Svalbarð, Kho'gate, and Ballasburn
  • Magic: Magic is employed by all three races, but is not equally balanced between the three. Humans are the strongest wielders of magic but are the weakest physically, Dire wolves are balanced between magical ability and physical strength, and Eximius excel physically but unfortunately fall short in the magic department

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