Devil Never Cry

This party is getting crazy... So let's rock.

Another day and everything was peaceful in Dominion City... Well as peaceful as it could be given that demons roamed and occasionally attacked people. Vampires and Werewolves skirted around trying to make a living and avoid detection by the normal populace. Ghosts haunted buildings. And people tried to get through the days peacefully. Most people managed to do so without ever realising there were any supernatural forces at work, chalking disappearances and deaths up to criminals. ("All cities had their share of crimes" or so they thought.) And most strange activity otherwise was chalked up to the film industry. ("It's amazing how real these special effects are.")
Things started off fairly quietly on one day... until 4 massive meteors crashed down in the city. 2 of them caused little to no structural damage, the third destroyed a skyscraper. The fourth and final totaled a single small building.
While people struggled to understand what had happened and emergency crews mobilized to deal with the impacts, 4 larger than life beings appeared in the center of the town, at the intersection point of where the four meteors had struck. Without warning they attacked the city's people and declared they were bringing about the end of the world.
So the Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived, and they're determined to destroy the world of man. For what purpose? Only they know. But they aren't going to be able to do it without a fight. A host of demon-hunters and other supernatural fighters are beginning to push back against the Horsemen's plot to destroy the world.