Destiny Bond

a pokemon fantasy

A world reset...
Watching from afar, the legendary pokemon that created the world realized that it desperately needed a reset. As such, they agreed to purge the world of humans and start from zero. A reset. A refresh.

Present Day
Five centuries after the reset, humans are on the incline once more. Except in this new world, humans are sometimes bestowed the power of magic by legendary pokemon and they are bonded to a single pokemon. While many people tame, train, and work with several pokemon, they can only bond with a single pokemon in their lifetime. This bond gifts the human the ability to communicate with their pokemon. If anything happens to their bonded pokemon, the same thing happens to the human. This is a safeguard created after the reset in an attempt to assure humans won't enslave pokemon to their will once more.

However, there are always going to be greedy humans...