Dead Before Daylight

AU Urban Fantasy in a world where the supernatural exists openly among mankind. No Word Count No App

Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

Witches, Seers, Faeries and Dragons all exist openly among human kind. The Fae have made particularly pleasant lives for themselves, coming into the ruling class. Most of the wealthiest and most powerful in Corinth are of Fae descent.

There are others still persecuted.

Creatures like Werewolves, Vampires, and Skinwalkers are still forced to exist on the fringes of society. They continue to hide among the masses, keeping low profiles for the sake of self preservation against a black market trade that thrives on their blood - both literally and figuratively.

DBD offers a variety of supernatural creatures including wereshifters, witches, dragons, vampires and fae.
No Word Count, No App, No Activity Requirements