Court of the Fallen

An 18+ active sandbox-style fantasy/medieval site; engaging plots & awesome writers!

Court of the Fallen - An 18+ active sandbox-style fantasy/medieval site; engaging plots & awesome writers!

For centuries the continent of Caido has been divided, torn apart by a war between the Gods. Now the mechanical New Gods have been unleashed, and together with their Ascended children are fighting for their freedom and opening portals to unite the continent.

But the fickle Old Gods will not release their power so easily, and conflict is brewing on the horizon. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, will you take a side or remain a bystander, waiting for the conflict to play out?


Welcome to Court of the Fallen, an active, inclusive, diverse, 18+ fantasy/medieval roleplay site. Set on a continent unlike Earth, CotF features a robust mythos, unique flora and fauna, and plenty of lore for your character to engage with as they find their place in this strange and wonderful world.

Join as a character native to Caido and its history, or one who has stumbled through a portal and found themselves in this strange land. Currently, we have 5 basic races to play: Accepted (regular humans beloved by the gods), Ascended (inorganic superior beings), Attuned (humans who can shape-change into animals), Mermaids, and the Abandoned (magic users). Engage with our dynamic plot through exploration, conquest, combat, magic, romance, and adventure. Will your character enter the government? Rise through the religious ranks and become beloved of a god? Start a small business and keep their head down, while running an underground economy? The possibilities are endless, and the choices are yours!

With a fun and easy levelling system, dynamic plots, RPG-style quests and combat, and a fun and welcoming environment, CotF is truly a classic when it comes to the medieval/fantasy-style sandbox role-play.

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