Court of the Fallen

An 18+ active sandbox-style fantasy/medieval site; engaging plots & awesome writers!

Court of the Fallen - An 18+ active sandbox-style fantasy/medieval site; engaging plots & awesome writers!

The air tastes like ashes. You step. You stumble.

Portals make no sound as they close, but behind you there is still the sensation of something sealing shut, and momentary fear digs its claws deep into your belly.

Around you the world is a desolate expanse of grey ruin. Skeletal buildings hunch against one another, half buried in rubble. Roads and pathways split and scatter like torn ribbons. There is nothing but this for as far as the eye can see, and even that is dominated by the shadow of a great, stone spire.

It towers above you, piercing into a sky wreathed in clouds. Thunder purrs in the distance. It begins to rain.

This is home now.

Welcome to Court of the Fallen.
We are an incredibly active, welcoming, 18+ fantasy/medieval role-play.

CotF is set on the continent of Caido on a planet unlike the Earth. Home to a variety of mythical and mundane flora and fauna, vengeful and fickle gods, characters and players alike have the chance to explore and make their mark on this new world in a variety of fun and interesting ways.

Currently we have 5 basic races to play: Accepted (regular humans beloved by the gods), Ascended (biological superior beings), Attuned (humans who can shape-change into animals), Fae (faerie-types) and the Abandoned (magic users).

The entirety of the continent has not yet been unlocked! Through role-play and writing you can make your mark on this world. Build empires, ruin lives, start a business, or manage your own underground economy.

With a fun and easy levelling system, dynamic plots, no minimum word count, no monthly minimums to meet, and a fun and welcoming environment, CotF is truly a classic when it comes to the medieval/fantasy-style sandbox role-play.

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