Post-apocalyptic animal RPG

CLASH! - Post-apocalyptic animal RPG

The year is now 1126. Mankind never rose to power - their reign of terror was extinguished in extinction thanks to the mysterious illness. The disease is still spreading. While some animals cling to peace, others wait in the shadows hungry for war - desperate to rid their world of the unearthly creatures they cannot comprehend. Because of this, certain animals who've contracted the disease are trying their utmost to hide that fact, to remain under the radar and out of trouble - which is not easy while dealing with a life-threatening illness and all that comes with it. Those who can't hide it are under fire, hiding out in the caves and forests, just trying to make sense of what is happening to them. Only one thing is sure - the peace will not last forever. It never does.

Join us in the lands of Toren - where strange new powers are slowly being discovered. We are fairly new but provide a friendly and supportive community to all. Take part in monthly events, win awards and customize your character to your hearts desire!

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