Çità de Masca

The grand city of Venice, Queen of the Seas, circa 1574

Çità de Masca - The grand city of Venice, Queen of the Seas, circa 1574

The City of Masks, or Çità de Masca (ÇdM) is a play-by-post (p-b-p), historical fiction RP forum about Venice, circa 1570s, during the Italian Renaissance when all of Italy, and the world, was changing, where stories about normal lives, loves, intrigue, mystery, conspiracy, corruption, instability... courtesans, honored and lower class... greed and abuse of religious power... and government cover-ups were never so appealing...

... even with the stories of Sala Consiglio dei Dieci (Trial Chambers of the Council of Ten), where Venice’s own "Star Chamber" plots anonymous accusations of treason... as innocent victims, as well as the guilty, reside in the Pozzi (prison)... Tis the heart of society, its order and organization, pomp and ceremony, places of frenzied domestic activities, and its hospitality, celebration, and pleasures, is rivaled by the underlying skullduggery of those who’d seek her downfall... all perpetrated by a criminal underworld who shall profit either way.

Our site is filled with dramatic and adventurous sub-plots, both individually and collectively, about the fictional setting of Venezia and the burgeoning Serenìsima Repùblica Vèneta (Serene Venetian Republic).

And to alleviate the fear of unfamiliarity with Venice, Italy, or Europe, you need not know the history, for there are story information readily available at a fingertip to aid you, should you desire.

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