A riddle-era roleplay centered around the first opening of the Chamber of Secrets.

It is 1942, three years after the beginning of WWII. Wizards, unchanged for centuries, are now more sensitive to the kind of magic they blissfully avoided for so long - that which builds airplanes and bombs, and abolishes tradition. War has never been so difficult to ignore. London is a city strangled with propellers and guns, and Grindelwald sifts through the ashes of Europe performing his "greater good."

The Hogwarts castle, however, offers sanctuary; students see these strange turmoils of the world through a glazed window, like observing winter from inside a warm parlor. Classes carry on as they always have, speckled with the usual seasonal excitements: feasts, quidditch matches, and an ill-advised student play. But deep beneath the dungeons stirs a new danger, the likes of which are as old as the walls themselves. The greatest threat, they will soon find, is nothing less than Salazar Slytherin's last parting gift. "All who behold its eyes fall dead on the spot..."