fantasy equine role play

A hundred years of slavery has come to an end with the landing of the second star and the eruption of the plague. Even the neutral Pegasus to the north feel the effects, breaking their long held vigil of neutrality to aid the horses of Torath reclaim their freedom. Between war and plague, both sides take grievous tolls, resulting in stalemate. The Arei retreat into the forests of Vralia while the horses take back the realm of Torath. In the mountains, the two pegasi clans fued, the lands of Corlea distraught at Merriwyn breaking their silent code. The entire land of Ceros is locked in turmoil as all sides begin to heal their wounds and build their numbers while dealing with the new outbreak of powers that has flooded all three races and legends walk the earth. In this brand new era of Ceros, who knows where the fates will steer us?