Captivated By Darkness

DCTV AU RPG taking place after the most recent seasons and going in a completely AU direction.

After depowering the Spear Of Destiny the Legends discovers that somehow things aren't right within the world or time itself after encountering Julius Caesar Of Rome wandering around the beaches of Aruba in 2017 and now they're faced with the task of putting everything back the way it's supposed to be. It's while doing this that Sara Lance takes one of the biggest risks of all by going back to 2016 to the night her sister was murdered by Damien Dhark and risks it all to save Laurel with a little help from Barry Allen and Supergirl. Doing it this way allows them to save Laurel without having Sara or the canaries father killed. Sara then invites Laurel to join the Legends, at least till they can find a safe time to reintroduce Laurel to the timeline.

Unwilling to stop there Sara and Barry with a little help from Mick Rory come up with a way to save Leonard Snart and still be able to blow the Oculus up without completely screwing up the timeline during that period and with Leonard back with the Legends Sara and Leonard now have the chance to explore their feelings for one another.

Arrow, Supergirl And The Flash

As Kara deals with the pain of letting Mon El go and sacrificing her happiness so he'd live, those closest to her try finding a cure for Mon El's lead allergy so he can return to Kara and they'll have the Kara they all know and love as Kara, decides she can't handle losing anyone else and decides to become Supergirl full time. Kara also considers leaving National City and going to Barry's Earth for awhile and while no one wants to leave no one can blame her for doing so. When Kara reaches Earth 1 she's shocked to find Barry is gone and that his team, his friends are doing their best to continue on without him. So she offers to help them at least until Barry returns and is welcomed by them all.

It's while assisting them that a call for help comes from Oliver Queen from Lian Yu and since Barry can't go help Oliver find his missing team and family, Kara immediately volunteers and goes to help find them, also finding a way to contact the Legends and ask for their assistance after learning about Sara's father being one of the missing. As they are faced with losses some become tempted by the darkness that many of them never wanted to give into. Will they let the darkness take over them or fight against it? Find out in Captivated by Darkness.

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