Blood Moon Pack

wolves story

A Wolf Story. This pack lives in the days of old when demon's roamed the land, before humans where born. Then the wolves had few enemy and packs grew large. The Blood Moon Pack on the other hand still struggles to recover form their old pack leader Xoloph, he often had them attack other pack's and even wiped out a few. But one faithful night their alpha was killed in battle, their beta Yukio deiced to take matters into his own hands and asked his alpha female to step down. At first she refused, but eventually a deal was struck, but this deal unknowingly angered the gods. Will this deal be the pack's undoing, or will it play out in their favor? Read the book to find out!
I am working on the forum for it right now, its a work in progress about half way done so it'll be up soon. Tell me what ya think about the story! ^^