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Welcome to Blood & Bone, a site that's a mixture of post-apocalyptic, dystopian, and virus outbreak/survival. We're a mature, intermediate-advanced writing site that deals with darker themes, action-based plotting, and character development. Our site welcomes a variety of different roleplayers, from people that enjoy writing close character relationships and dynamics, to people that enjoy following along with the mystery of an overarching site plot. While we've infused the site with a wide variety of staff-made lore, we also encourage player writing and character development to help develop the overall site, and allow for the site's lore to change and shift as the community grows. There's nothing more important to us than allowing the in-game world to grow and change along with the players' choices. It makes things alive and exciting.


It's the year 2095. 85 years have passed since the virus DraC-2 first appeared in society, ravaging the world and infecting humans indiscriminately. The consequences of being infected by the virus were not immediate, but once the true nature of the virus was revealed, pandemonium swept through the world. The Infected, virus-mutated humans that had uncanny similarities to classical vampires, began to tear down the fagility of society in massive strides until nothing was left. Stronghold became the last known surviving city in western North America, ruled over by a dystopian Military thirsty for control and power. Records were lost or destroyed over the dozens of years, and people of today's post-apocalyptic world do not even remember what life was like before the outbreak. The Infection is something they have learned is a part of life.

But no one can remain complacent in an ever-changing world. Over the last eight decades, the virus proved to be an ever-mutating form, changing the Infected into different levels of threat and danger. The most recent discovery has been kept a secret by the Military: a dangerous secret that threatens to tear the very fabrics of society down to its roots once more. But that secret is not the only thing threatening the very survival of humanity. Something even darker and more dangerous is looming over the horizon, and time will tell whether or not humanity can survive its next greatest challenge... Or die trying.

No one is safe.

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