Bleak Midwinter

An AU Peaky Blinders, 1920's Crime and Slice of Life epic.

By order of the Peaky Blinders.
Take a little walk to the edge of town. And go across the tracks. Where the viaduct looms. Like a bird of doom. As it shifts and cracks.

Where secrets lie in the border fires. In the humming wires. Hey man, you know. You're never coming back....

In the midst of America's prohibition era, the alcohol exportation business thrives in Britain.

1924 a time of decadence and indulgence, but also socio-economic unrest between the classes.

The streets are owned by crooks and gangsters no matter the town or state you are in.

Corruption is rife. Political reform is needed. And in the city of Birmingham, the Peaky Blinders reign supreme.

Their reach spreading far and wide due to the ambitions and strategies of their relentless leader.

In light of this, our gritty world spans many places. We do not simply stick to the downtrodden streets of Small Heath.

We take things throughout the prominent cities in the United Kingdom, as well as overseas. So you are not resitricted to the smoke of the Black Country only.

We strive to give plenty of opportunity to expand and breathe life into this intoxicating period in history. And we welcome all walks of life that would fit in here.

So that does not mean you need be a criminal, or in any way connected to the Peaky Blinders, or any other gang to survive here.

If you simply wish to immerse yourself in 1920's slice of life, then by all means, loves, please do. Bleak Midwinter invites you to do so...

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