Bleach: R.I.P

A non-canon, Bleach RPG

Bleach: Requiescant In Pacem, [a.k.a. R.I.P], is a forum-based Bleach RPG with its own unique history, custom characters, and member driven plots. We have essentially taken key elements from the original series and combined them with our own ideas, thus producing a Bleach Universe that allows for unique backdrops, fun, creativity, and character growth. Here, members are allowed to create their own characters to fit one of the many available Factions [Shinigami, Rukongai Resident, Hollow, Quincy, or HS Human], and take them through a journey of drama, intrigue, mystery, conflict, and romance.
With a present-day backdrop, the RP kicks off with an active Soul Society, an Espada Faction that has long since been thought of as obliterated, and Quincy and HS Humans living in a world very much like our own – except they are privy to the real deal behind the scenes. Our unique history explains what has transpired in the past for all factions, how the different realms and races came to be, and also hints at what is to come. A few of the elements we have kept from Bleach’s canon, are that Soul Society is heavily influenced by Japan, and Hueco Mundo is likewise with Spain. Karakura does indeed exist, but the rest of the world is far from ignored. In addition, Hell (which we refer to as Kousen) does play a prominent part in the cycle of life and will indeed rear its scorching head from time to time.
Positions on R.I.P are granted based on availability and the member’s own desire. We do utilize a point-based system in order to encourage character evolution, and reward members for their activity and performance. This system is a rather simple one, as points are earned by undertaking specific activities which have been pre-developed to both promote character growth, and encourage In-Character interactions.
R.I.P is a rather friendly community with a very interactive social board. Members are encouraged to get to know each other outside of role-playing, and to share their views and opinions with the community. For this purpose, we have boards dedicated to general debates, anime, manga, music, games….you name it. Due to the nature of these discussions, and that of the RP posts, the contents of the site are for individuals who are at least fifteen years of age.