Black Sun Rising




Black Sun Rising is an urban fantasy role playing based off the Secret Circle series by L.J. Smith, with massive inspiration and elements taken from Constantine, The Magicians, American Horror Story: Coven, The Dresden Files and The Witching Hour by Anne Rice.

There are thirteen families of witches in the world, all hailing from their own respective cultures. Nine of these families fled Europe under the banner of Malcoin Blackwell after the Inquisition and founded the small village of Salem. After the Witch Trials killed one of their own and led to eighteen innocent deaths, they dissolved their coven. Some went to find a new home, the site of an intersection of three ley lines in Pennsylvania that they named New Hope. They buried their Book of Shadows and tried to co-exist with the standard population. Those who didn't go with them ventured west, to eventually settle in northern Washington, at another intersection of ley lines. They named this new town Chance Harbor. The rest found refuge in Sedona, Arizona, or joined into the New Orleans covens.

Five years ago, nine teenagers from New Hope discovered that they were the last known descendants of the New Hope Coven. They had supernatural gifts beyond anything anyone had ever seen, and each came from a broken home. They discovered that their parents were witches, led by a name named John Blake. He arranged marriages among their ranks, breaking apart some relationships to form others. This matchmaking resulted in their creation. Meanwhile, John Blake had organized this same scenario in Chance Harbor and again in Sedona, Arizona. John placed his biological children in each coven, trying to manipulate them from inside.

With the restraints on the mythical Watchtowers released, more attention is being brought to the world of magick. The veil between this world and the Never-Never have loosened, and other supernatural entities have joined the fray. Now grown up, the various covens have each gone through their various trials, hardships, triumphs and failures that have led them to converge on the dazzling city of New York, where they will encounter witches of all breeds, and new supernatural friends and foes.

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