Beasts of Beyond

An ability-based animal roleplay.

Looking for a dynamic roleplay site to suit all of your needs? Introducing Beasts of Beyond! Beasts of Beyond focuses on fantasy-based animal roleplay between four official rough and tough groups. We're sure to have a group that'll suit your character. If we don't, you can always make your own group within our 'Uncharted Territories' or roleplay a loner. After you decide, start roleplaying! Create a biography, a character account, and plot away on Beasts of Beyond! As an inclusive, LGBTIQA+ ran website, we welcome all members with open arms.

As you join, make sure to take a peek within the 'Welcoming Board' so you can introduce yourself! We'd love to greet you and guide you through our site. If you have any questions, you may also use the 'Helpful Hub.' Also take a look through the Guidebook! for any helpful aspects of the site. We also provide an 'Artist Loft' for users to sell their art and list free codes to use for post templates on BoB.

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