Be Our Death

Original No Word Count Modern Fantasy RP

Home of the historical Witch Trials.

But that's not all Salem is known for. It's home to a town full of supernaturals, vampires, lycanthropes, shapeshifters, hunters and special humans.

Three years ago BioGenetics Inc. was destroyed, lost but not forgotten and discreetly rebuilding itself away from the public eyes. They were responsible for kidnapping lycanthropes and experimenting on them, using unspeakable methods that allow them to test, trial and administer new and outdated versions of torture, experiments and their eventual downfall.

The town thought that they were safe with BGI gone but it started happening again. Lycanthropes have been missing, some returning with no memory of ever being gone, some returning cold and ready to be six feet under, but some returning changed with a message:

The witches want revenge.

It was just a fictitious story, a cloud of mystery and hearsay, or was it?

The Witch Trials were real and the witches want the town to pay.

They've waited hundreds of years for the right time to exact their revenge.

Now in the current day and age, supernatural are out in the open. It's been five years since they were legally made citizens. Lycanthropes now run auto mechanic garages. Vampires own clubs. Hunters have aligned themselves with the law and raising the dead is a paid career.

There is no better time for the witches to reap their revenge.

Who will you fear?

The prey or the predators?

Which side will you take?

The witches or the others?

Only time will tell.

Be Our Death will help lead the way.

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