Bad Romance

welcome to the planet.

so, was the end of the world everything you thought it would be? no, i didn't think so. so mother nature rebelled against everyone poisoning her and sent out toxins of her own. who was effected? every human being in the world. ironic, isn't it? right now it's the year 2313 and the earth is once more flourishing. it has recovered from the poisons spread upon it and a new set of creatures have risen to the task of taking care of the earth. supernatural creatures--angels, demons, vampires--have made it their goal to populate the earth and finally take over. of course, there are still humans, but they're known as 'gifted'. how they survived the apocalypse is anyone's guess. animals roam free and they've come to an agreement with all the supernatural creatures now roaming the earth. some animals have even formed concrete bonds with an individual. the cataclysm left the animals of the world with heightened intelligence and the ability to speak and they now serve as guardians and guides to the supernatural population; thankful that their earth is being taken care of once more. it's been a hundred years since 'the event' and the earth is back to a hustling, bustling, futuristic place to live. not to mention, there are great vacation spots around. the island of avalon is where hawaii used to be. it's probably one of the most popular spots for vacationing and living. it's a huge island and its population is growing every day. so why not come down for a visit? it's sure to have everything you need to relax. and if you choose to live here, well then, you know about the island's secrets and the fact that this paradise isn't all it's cracked up to be.