Bad Moon Rising

A panfandom/oc friendly game with a horror/apocalyptic twist

There you were, just minding your own business back in your own world when everything changed. A door appeared out of thin air right in front of you. Against your better judgement you opened the door and were sucked into this new world, dropped right in the middle of a street in a bustling city. A city that looks a lot like Las Vegas, if you're familiar with the earth city. Naturally the door is now gone and you're left stranded in this strange place.

That's when you feel something materialize in your hand. A smartphone opened to a map app that has a location already punched in for a place called Marlow hotel. Eventually you'll find yourself there after navigating the streets of the city and once inside there will be a man at the front desk to greet you with a key for your room. What room you say? Why, it's your new home away from home. A place for you to stay while you adjust to your new world and life.

"Welcome to Las Vegas", the front desk man will tell you. "You're going to be here for a while". You'll soon learn you're not alone at this hotel and not the only person who made the mistake of walking through that door. Will you band together to try and survive in this twisted version of sin city? Or take advantage of your new surroundings to try and start a new? Or maybe venture out into the wild desert in the hopes of finding a doorway home?

Find out at Bad Moon Rising!
Bad Moon Rising is for players 18 years or older, we have a 100 word count and we are a character driven plot site.