Azure Vampires

Post Breaking Dawn Twilight Saga

After the Volturi have departed, the Cullens are settling in well. Bella and Edward are happy that little Renesmee will not die of old age, Jacob is pleased as well. They are all happy that Bella has found a happy after ever with their dear Edward, and that they were graced with Renesmee as well. Plus with the fact that Renesmee was imprinted on by Jacob, they know she will not have to wait to find love, no matter how much Edward desires to shred Jacob's butt for imprinting on his daughter at times.

The Denali Clan have headed back to Alaska, and are enjoying life, while mourning the fact that Irina is dead. Katrina has found Garrett as her mate, and there is still one mate less vampire in their coven, Tanya. Who will she find that will love her?

The Volturi are seething and embarrassed from their loss at the stand off; and the Cullens and other vampires triumph and victory. They want revenge, and to give payback. Nobody has ever stood up to them, was a threat, and won. It will be a while before revenge is reenacted, but it will be done.

The two Quileute Wolf Packs are happy with the circumstances, and their own win of having spooked the bloodsuckers. Who is new in the pack, what romances are blooming, and whats the latest fad with the wolves?

Azure Vampires is not just about vampires as the titles suggests. Its about the two Wolf Packs as well, a few very rare Children Of The Moon, and the occurrences of all the vampire clans out there. It is a Post Breaking Dawn RPG, and the spotlight is mainly on the Cullens. Starts up after Breaking Dawn, and continues on, not somewhere in the future. So in a way, it is a free role-play for all. There is a base, but you can build from there.

There is lots of characters to select from, nearly all from the books, excluding the deceased ones of course. The rules are still shifting, there is still a few boards and what not to put up, but we are close enough to open!