What if the stars fell and walked among us?

Aphelion - What if the stars fell and walked among us?

Rodomere is a country on the brink of war.

The nation is ripped in half as two factions battle for the right to claim it. Insurgent fallen stars, also known as Aphelions, led by Alatus, seek to rip the Moon down from the heavens and utilise it to transform the mortal world into a new heavenly realm. The kingdom of Rodomere, headed by Queen Iona, fights to defend their nation from their rival’s genocidal ambition. The Queen’s administration has ordered the borders to close amid fears that aphelions would take advantage of the stalling and come into the country to join Alatus’s sacrilegious rebellion. This has left a devastating impact on the economy of Rodomere and crippled countless people’s livelihoods.

Peace is a fraying rope and every attempt to amend this has thus far been futile. Brimming tensions and surging violence stalk these lands, plaguing both innocent and sinful citizens. It is not a question of if, but when an all-out war will break out.

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