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Welcome to Aphalia!

We are an easy-going 18+ (enabled not focused) animanga text-based roleplay site set in an original high-fantasy world. Our star is full of gods and mistakes. Our setting picks up 88 years after a war of the races ended in begrudging peace and a recent calamity has caused a whole continent to flee! Will the races learn to get along and share limited resources or is more fated conflict brewing? Come join our supportive community of story enthusiasts sending their characters on adventures! Whether it be slice-of-life as an average citizen or ambitious characters looking to make a difference in our lore-rich world, choose one of our exciting races and a path to walk. The almanac sets the scene, the atlas gives you colorful maps of our world, and a beastiary awaits for hunting or taming.

There are a total of 6 key races that make up the world, each with their sub-categories and traits that characterize them (but are not limited to). These are:
  • Chearith - A passive and peaceful race who believe in freedom.
  • Vesan - A volatile, proud race who believe themselves to be an inevitability.
  • Aevrus - A race with beast-like traits who'd fallen to enslavement.
  • Humans - An unpredictable, but quickly spreading race.
  • Fallen - Gods who've left or been cast out of their roles and now walk among the people.
  • Starlings - Beings hailing from other stars who've been brought to the world under mysterious circumstances.
Although a sensitive subject in the world, members can also play as a crossbreed of any of these races!

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