Alternate Universes

X-Men Heroing, Marvel Knights Urban Fantasy, & Hellions Coming of Age all in ONE!!!

Our Pan-Fandom has essentially become a MARVEL based group that is very X-Men Heavy...

This is a write-by-email group or you can post directly to the website.

As always - we welcome LGBTQ+ / Alternate Lifestyle / Diverse / Original Characters.

We write collaboratively with one another to build the story so that all writers can enjoy it. We simply ask that you treat others with respect. There are bio-forms and we ask a short audition if this is your first submission to us.

We also plan to open other creative boards within our game in the future and take suggestions from our writers seriously.

Our stories and characters are based on Marvel Comics but have been modified to suit our own entertainment by using augmentations to standard powersets, Shifts in personality aspects, original characters, as well as alternate origin stories in some cases.


The Hellions (Marvel Comics RPG) - The stories of a younger set of heroes, looking to be the next X-team... facing the challenges of young adults away from their previous, comfortable school setting. At the John Proudstar Outreach Center, on the edge of the Harlem River, a center for educating everyone about mutant history while performing community services for mutants in the area - they go about their everyday lives. However, hidden beneath that place is a facility designed by the best and brightest from materials not just of this Earth. Mentored not just by the X-men, but by X-Force as well, this new guard is handling things not even on the radar of their predecessors.
Current Roster: Iceman, Cannonball, Icarus, Gypsy, Priest, Speed, Mage, Nature Girl, Vulcan, Magik

Marvel Knights (Marvel Comics/Urban Fantasy RPG) - A faction set in our version of the Marvel Universe (same one as the Hellions), this group of heroes is constantly changing according to what the Book of Fate spells out. They defend the mundane world from magical and supernatural blunders, machinations, and catastrophes, and they do it for the most part without even letting humans or mutants know that such things exist.
Current Roster: Dr. Doom, VanHelsing, Blade, Starbuck, The Black Knight, The Punisher, Hannibal King...

X-Men GODS (Global Order & Defense Squad) - As politicians begin questioning a mutant’s rights to their very bodies and governments seek to discuss mutants as national security risks - the mutant community takes to social media to ask, “Where are the X-Men?” Dr. Hank McCoy and Emma Frost lead a team that moves about the world, fighting for a dream that sees mutants protected and served. They are publicly reminding both naysayers & allies that there is someone prepared to look out for the equality of all beings on earth. When mutants need help, their G.O.D.S. will answer.
Current Roster: Blink, Beast, Emma Frost, Magma, Bishop, Polaris, Danger, Colossus(NPC)

X-Force - The group that helps handle situations that the standard X-Men and Hellions cannot be caught handling. Although, they can also be caught hanging out or training at one of the many X-Bases scattered here or there.
Taken Roster: Wolverine, Phoenix, Sunspot ...

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