Alternate Universes

Multi-fandom, multi-setting writing/rpgs in one group

This is a write-by-email group - Our writing group contains several forums from various settings. Each has become it's own fan-driven universe based on the creativity of our writers.

We do have rules, ask that only adults apply, and we already have active memberships. So, it's good to do some research before submitting a character. We write collaboratively with one another to build the story so that all writers can enjoy it. Though our stories and characters are based off of many Universes - this is not for profit, but for enjoyment and to help us hone our writing skills - therefore the use of copyrighted materials is considered fair use.

The Hellions - The stories of a younger set of heroes, looking to be the next X-team... facing the challenges of young adults away from their previous, comfortable school setting. At the John Proudstar Outreach Center, on the edge of the Harlem River, a center for educating everyone about mutant history while performing community services for mutants in the area - they go about their everyday lives. However, hidden beneath that place is a facility designed by the best and brightest from materials not just of this Earth. Mentored not just by the X-men, but by X-Force as well, this new guard is handling things not even on the radar of their predecessors.

Marvel Knights - A faction set in our version of the Marvel Universe (same one as the Hellions), this group of heroes is constantly changing according to what the Book of Fate spells out. They defend the mundane world from magical and supernatural blunders, machinations, and catastrophes, and they do it for the most part without even letting humans or mutants know that such things exist.

A Marvel'Verse - (Mix Marvel Characters with Firefly History and Settings) With the human race barreling toward extinction, the resources of the Earth were stripped to support the terraforming effort in a newly discovered solar system. Thanks to President Tony Stark and the help of otherworldly allies, The Central Planets, where SHIELD is headquartered and the Outer Planets patrolled by SWORD form the Alliance. Ruled by an interplanetary parliament, SHIELD, SWORD and their Alliance are beacons of civilization. Not long ago, war broke out when the not-so-enlightened settlers of the Outer Planets decided to rebel. Refusing Alliance control would not be tolerated. The war that ensued was devastating, but the Alliance's victory over the Independents ensures a safer universe. And now everyone enjoys the comfort, and enlightenment of true civilization - at least, according to the Alliance. The year is 2357 and our faction is a motley crew on a decent ship with a captain who can get work as a Fetchmen. It’s often good, legal work. Sometimes you take the jobs that get your hands dirty, but that's the price you pay to stay out of Alliance scrutiny and under the parliament's radar.

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