original steampunky medieval fantasy hodgepodge

Alter is an high fantasy play-by-post rpg taking place in an original world called Murke that is thoroughly steeped in steam punk and magical and dark themes. Murke is still suffering the after affects of an apocalyptical event known as the Pandemonium. The introduction of magic, new magical races, and wildly warped settings have all been choked down amid the destruction of most civilization. One of the remaining cities and our primary focus: Lilich.

Our story began with the surge of Alters, mutated humans that were quickly deemed abominations. For centuries they were targeted, hunted down and turned in to the mad king. As their numbers grew, so did their vein of resources and help. A revolutionary group forged refuge below the city of Lilich. Meanwhile the Fae, the new race thrown into the world, are growing in number and power as they build a city called Va'Lyria on top of old ruins to the northeast of Lilich.

The prejudiced hunt for Alters came to a tremulous halt when the king died and his young daughter, Eallian Mire, took his place. There had always been rumors that the young princess - now queen - had been an Alter. So when she struck down all laws targeting Alters, she drew a great deal of angry and untrusting attentions.

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