Next Generation Harry Potter RPG

The second, and final, downfall of Voldemort was followed by years of peace. Many of the heroes settled down and started families. Nothing can last forever though. In 2022, everything started to change. Mysterious murders, many even at Hogwarts, created fear and unrest. Near the end of the 2022-2023 school year the culprit was revealed, Slytherin seventh year Elaine Dupree, and she was not alone. She had built up an entire organization of followers, known as The Puriifers. These followers infiltrated Hogwarts to extract Elaine and several of her key student followers. By the end of the year, the Purifier’s struck once more by destroying a portion of King’s Cross minutes before the arrival of the Hogwarts express.

Months of silence followed. The Magical world was on high alert, but there were no further attacks.Despite recent events the Triwizard tournament returned to Europe, held at Hogwarts. The school year was a series of Champion challengers and events, with many Durmstrang and Beauxbaton seventh years completing their final year at Hogwarts. Hogwarts’ champion won the Tournament, and the foreign delegations returned home... but not before all hell broke loose. On the return trip, the Durmstrang ship and Beauxbatons carriage exploded, leaving some injured and many dead. But it wasn't the Purifiers who took responsibility for the attack, despite their involvement. A new contender, a magical terrorist group known as Kraken claimed credit.

Kraken’s actions motivated other terrorist and extremist groups to perform controversial acts of violence. An American rights organization, known as Chimera’s Claw, vandalized and compromised Illvermorny’s foundation during the summer of 2024. Due to necessary and extensive repairs, Illvermorny was forced to remain closed for the upcoming school year and many other Wizarding schools opened their doors to the students, including Hogwarts. With the addition of several hundred more students, Hogwarts is a bustling place this school year, both for better and worse.

Unfortunately, a terrible event has struck. During Hogsmeade annual winter festivities a horde of Dragon’s fell upon the Wizarding village. While it was quickly contained it was merely a diversion. Azkaban prison was attacked by unknown individuals and the prison’s magic dampening device was destroyed. All of Azkaban’s prisoners have escaped. Could things get any worse?

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