All Who Wander

A Jcink prem, member focused, mid-fantasy rp

All Who Wander - A Jcink prem, member focused, mid-fantasy rp

Magic is dying, and the powers of Atleos are in flux.
Cracks are beginning to show in the mage utopia of Versimer, all the while natural disasters have begun rip through the plains of Dharti Maa. Meanwhile, on the island of Aster, a returned prince has come to reclaim his throne. With adventurers clubs, magical artifacts hidden in the ground, and a scheme around every corner, AWW is a home for your characters to wander.

All Who Wander is a 21+, mid-fantasy play-by-post roleplay. We are a semi-private site, but we encourage anyone who is interested to check out our newbie guide or join our discord to see if AWW is the right fit for you.

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