Age Of Kabal

War of the Houses

In the year A. 1340, the rebellion in Ingar reached full swing. The Karahsi have managed to push the Cyriolian presence out of Ingar. That was one year ago, and now Cyriol is moving it's troops out to reclaim what they believe is theirs. The Rebellion won’t go down so easily this time. Meanwhile, in the highlands, the Four hordes has swallowed enough Clans to launch an attack of their own. Their goal, to take over Cyriol and claim the lowlands as their own. Not many know their true motives only that their threat is looming just passed the Vale. To make matters worse for Cyriol, their king is dying. He's old, feeble, and is not long for this world. The crown prince will soon gain the throne, but will he lead Cyriol into a new age? Or doom it to fall into the cracks of time? And will the nobles let him succeed the throne? To many questions, not enough time. War will soon break out, and the known world will be engulfed in pure chaos. Kabal, the god of war sits high on his throne, smiling, waiting for the bloodshed to ensue. It is the year A. 1341, and this is the Age of Kabal. 


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