An rp based on the player's immagination to create quests, providing us with action and adventure

Afaremeth is a chat role-play group(and note role-play) located on Deviantart, Afaremeth is a group with semi-humanoid (semi-anthropomorphic or if you prefer cartoon) unique concept bases that let you play as a wide variety of animals found around a farm in France and it’s many surrounding areas. You can have jobs(which isn't required), make friends, gain enemies and develop your OC by emerging into an incredible world where there is so much to see, do and explore.

There are also player made Quests (plots) and admin created ones, which if they're approved and recorded, you can get rewards in the form of Acorns and Walnuts (the world's currency) and items to personalize your character or buy house or stash to protect your gains.

Unique playing style

This is a totally free rp where you can choose to be just a simple civilian and have nice rps around with peoples. You can also join guilds, develop skills with time in the job you choose, create new type of weapons and not only have adventures with your friends in town but also be rewarded with prices for it!

Not art based

Art isn't required to be able to join in the group, only the form require to be filled. Not only that, but there are plenty of adoptable specially made for our members that you can pick, you can use free linearts and commissions from another artist to your own will.

Complete maps open to your creative minds

There are five maps with numerous details on them to help inspire your creative minds: swamps, farmlands, town, church, creepy abandoned places to raging rivers, caves to cold mountains, close to everything can be found in Afaremeth!

There is also claimable spots on the map for your oc to live in, blank spots off-map that you are totally free to invent what is there for the time of an rp and actually maybe even be rewarded for it!

Reminder: Seeking for more crew members

We are currently searching for more admins. Ones that could spend a good time in the rp and watch over the room that no fight happens between the players and that everything remain peaceful and clear in the group.

We are currently also searching for experienced players who could take important roles as mentor and masters in the game. Those mentors would create quests, care for their apprentices, create new skills and weapons as much as having an important word and freedom in the game.
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