The Story of Life

Faith has left the green planet; Gods and Goddesses of lore, the Olympians, have been driven out by a time and society of atheists and technology, where it is in fashion to believe in nothing. Leaving the spiritually desolate waste land of Earth, these Gods sought solstice and life in a new world, one where they may start anew, weaving and building a world that is perfect and true, a world ruled by the beasts.
From this utopia, a new breed has emerged - blessed with the keenness of their fore-bearers and imbued with powers of the Olympians, these creatures brought with them a new world order. The Avari, children of God and wolf both, know themselves to be among the favored few in this new world, the true rulers of this new arcade.
Balance and understanding, strengths and weaknesses keep this haven free of war and strife, but such is the story of life, how long can the peace last?
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