Absit Omen

Detailed HP RPG set in 2012

Absit Omen - Detailed HP RPG set in 2012

Absit Omen is a Wizarding World rpg set in 2012. There are new surprises every day and it's we, the members, who decide the fate of this world.

The Absit Omen community is actively inclusive and works to be anti-racist and loving of people in the trans and broader LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Original & Canon Characters
  • Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic and Wizarding World
  • Member-driven, Curator-facilitated plots
  • In-character Daily Prophet
  • Welcoming community, constant activity, exciting atmosphere
  • Simple Machines Forum
  • SubAccounts
  • Wiki for plots, compendium, world-building, character database etc
  • Thread tagging
What's going on lately?

School is in session and oh, the poor 'Nothingpuffs'! A unsorted Sorting Hat refused to sort, so Hogwarts staff are scrambling for a solution. At Hogwarts, active clubs include Dueling Club and a werewolf allies group.

In the broader Wizarding World, there's legislation on the table to legalize consensual vampire bites, and there's been a Ministry raid on a werewolf night club.

Your characters and ideas here! Absit Omen plots are created by the community.

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