Absit Omen

Detailed HP RPG set in 2010

Absit Omen - Detailed HP RPG set in 2010

Absit Omen is a Wizarding World rpg set in 2010, approximately 11 years after the battle of Hogwarts. Over fifty writers from all over the world gather here to write exciting, original stories in a collaborative setting. There are new surprises every day and it's we, the members, who decide the fate of this world.
  • Original & Canon Characters
  • Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic and Wizarding World
  • Member-driven, Curator-facilitated plots
  • In-character Daily Prophet
  • Welcoming community, constant activity, exciting atmosphere
  • Simple Machines Forum
  • SubAccounts
  • Wiki for plots, compendium, world-building, character database etc
  • Thread tagging
What's going on lately?

Hogwarts Awaits...
For many of us, the halls of a magical castle will always be a kind of home. With September 2010 right around the corner, the time is right to summon a student or professor and tell your tale.

Dementors Dementing...
A darkness haunts the countryside from the skies. Everyone glances upwards and mutters a cheering charm. The Ministry of Magic is scrambling to contain the horror, and average witches and wizards find their Patroni.

Werewolves Underground...
The most controversial issue of the age, the plight (or blight) of werewolves divides family and community. Why are so many unregistered werewolves going missing? Was there a werewolf attack in broad daylight? Who's helping who St. Mungo's can't?

Key Positions Currently Available

  • Check our discussion page here for updates on open major roles.

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