A New Way To Bleed

a multi-genre rpg set at the star of the 74th Hunger Games

this place is not the home that I remember. everything is different
including the world itself. we had to adapt to the new ways that were
no longer of the year that we were in before. the past is gone, our homes
and dreams no longer live. everything that we had is now gone washed
away into the depths of the sea.the reaping of the children
they are taking them away like a pup that has been taken away from it's
mother to compete in these games called the Hunger Games. How can
anyone do such a matter, some of these poor children will never return
to their homes. they say it's to remind everyone of the war many years
before. my god, this is madness.the new faces among us
i have seen so many new faces in my district. they come in so many shapes
and sizes including clothes. some of them i have seen walking outside at night
and never in the day. it is as if they are the creatures of night that i heard so
much about. even if they are we are forced to accept these odd people that
claim to be from the old country and beyond the great sea. i have a feeling
that their presence here isn't of the welcoming kind.the sound of gun shots
what is going on? something is happening. here it is near in the beginning of
the hunger games and gun shots are ringing out. i have heard that there is a
new uprising with these newer citizens. it is as if they have unfinished business
with one another. they better silence themselves or the government will be on
their asses before they can blink. i know better that this uprising will not end.silence...
it is too quiet, to quiet beyond words can explain. i can only ask has the war
been stopped? what is the outcome of this unpleasant uprising that has the nation
captured by it? no. it is only the calm before the storm. this is the epic battle for
all races. there is blooding ready to bleed tonight. the signal for any if not all blood to
be shed tonight at this final hour for anyone including the supernatural citizens. for some it just might be our last time that we have to bring down the government and restart this nation for the better.
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