11th Pass Pern

A Dragonriders of Pern-based PBeM/Fanfiction club.

We have no hook. We aren't rebels out to create a new home, we aren't fleeing the destruction of a natural disaster, and we aren't the last Weyr left after hundreds of Turns without Thread. We are Fort Weyr. We're here, we've been here, and we plan on staying here. There are no zombies, no purple dragons, no fertile greens, and no fourteen Turn old Senior Weyrwomen. We are full post, golds will only Impress to women, and bronzes only to men. Brownriding females are rare, and limited to very distinct personality types. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves from Weyrs with predominantly young, flawless characters and to try to establish a more realistic interpretation of Pern - while still having fun.

The time is twenty Turns into the 11th Pass. The events of the 9th Pass canon novels did occur; however, Thread still falls, and AIVAS' plan is assumed to have failed. As a result, some technology does exist, but the large majority of the computers and such were rejected as backlash against that failure. Our roleplay largely takes place at Fort Weyr, Fort Hold, and its surrounding minor Holds and Halls.

We are an exclusively full post play-by-email club. The large majority of our collaborative coposts are written in Google Docs.
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