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  1. Shriker
    upload_2017-6-4_15-54-28.png is a set of tools for writers, game designers, and roleplayers to create magnificent universes – and everything within them.

    From a simple interface in your browser, on your phone, or on your tablet, you can do everything you'd ever want to do while creating your own little (or big!) world.

    notebook is a writer's planning tool for creating anything from universes to characters, to plots, to individual items.

    It is also meant to expand into many areas to benefit writers (and exciting to developers), including areas like:

    • Automated revision services

    • Structuring real-time natural language processing output into a semantically reusable state

    • Decision-making algorithms for improving reading comprehension, reading level, accent-correction, and other real-time writing suggestions

    • A knowledge graph of structured data in your universe, and an engine to manipulate it in awesome ways

    • Machine learning on generating character and location names, suggesting realistic defaults (random or not), and more

    • and tons more
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    RPGfix was born because of a need to sort through and categorize the multitudes of RPG sites that blink into existence every day — from the massive multi-server games to the smaller niche games.

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