A non-profit Wikipedia-style wiki-hosting site. Completely free and easy to use, with zero ads.

  1. nemesi5
    A not-for-profit wiki farm which can be used to host any wiki of your choosing. A good alternative to Fandom.com/Wikia as Miraheze lacks Fandom’s bloated, advertising-heavy interface—it is in fact completely free of all advertising whatsoever.

    Simple to use: just create an account, and then put in a request to create a new wiki at https://meta.miraheze.org/wiki/Special:RequestWiki in order to set up your very own 100% free wiki. Miraheze hosting uses MediaWiki software, enabling users to create Wikipedia-style wiki sites. It has a number of different tools for site configuration as well as numerous skins to customize your wiki’s appearance.

Recent Reviews

  1. Iztak
    I used this to create a wiki for an RPG, and had a very positive experience with the support staff. It takes extra coding knowledge to customize mediawiki, but it served our purpose very well.