XenForo Gender as a Text Field 1.1.2

Replaces XenForo's gendered radio buttons with a plain text field.

  1. Shriker
    Out of the box, XenForo defines gender as being either "male, female, or unspecified." This add-on removes the radio buttons and replaces them with a plain text field that your users may then enter anything into.

    This add-on is not supported, as it modifies some of XenForo's core functionality, and will break any and all gender-based add-ons.


    Why would you want to do this?
    1. Disalienation.
    2. You really don't care about gender demographics.
    3. You welcome people of all gender presentations.
    4. You don't mind people getting "creative" with their gender presentation.
    Why wouldn't you want to do this?
    1. It will absolutely break many, if not all, gender-related XenForo add-ons.
    2. Marketers will lose the ability to target your users based upon their gender.
    3. You will not be able to search or group users by gender (eg. have male or female only boards).
    4. Gender as a Text Field has been deemed the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. Usability Chaos.
    1. Upload files/directories underneath upload to your XenForo's root.
    2. Import the add-on XML using the add-on importer in your Admin CP.
    This add-on is not supported as it is known to break many, if not all, gender-related add-ons.

    Copyright / License
    This project is released underneath the MIT License (MIT).

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