Trophies Awarded to GarynDakari

    Contribution > Post Count

  1. Act I: New Beginnings
    Awarded: Jan 18, 2014

    Act I: New Beginnings

    Points: 2

    Introduce yourself to the community.

  2. Community > Welcome Wagon

  3. Noface Nevermore
    Awarded: Feb 20, 2015

    Noface Nevermore

    Points: 3

    You have given yourself an avatar. It's good to see you.

  4. Community > External Accounts

  5. 2
    Awarded: Jan 18, 2014


    You linked your Facebook account to RPGfix. Each Friendface page is like a petri dish filled with friendship germs.

  6. Community Events > Birthdays

  7. Happy Hatchday!
    Awarded: Jan 21, 2014

    Happy Hatchday!

    Points: 5

    You visited RPGfix on your birthday. Better to be over the hill than to be under it.