Buy / Sell / Trade Rules

General Safety

Use at your own risk. RPGfix will not get involved in disputes between buyers and sellers.

If using PayPal, never mark a payment as a personal payment ("Send a gift", "I'm sending money to family or friends", etc.) even if the seller requests it. Generally this is done to circumvent PayPal fees, so why is this a bad thing? Payments sent through the Friends and Family option are not eligible for Buyer Protection. This means that you cannot dispute a payment if the person you paid turns out to be a scammer. Stay safe and protect yourself!

Always use an escrow service (like when you are buying something from someone you do not know.

Did you have a positive experience with a seller? Please leave a comment saying so in their thread, or even on their profile for good measure. This helps other people know that they are reputable.

The Naughty List

You may not advertise or sell any of the following goods and services on RPGfix:


You may not list online accounts, paid site "invites," VCCs (virtual credit cards), or VCC-related products.


No posting "warez," pirated software, nulled software, or serial numbers without the software itself.

Spam-related Products or Services

We all hate it. Don't do it. (eg. Buying "Facebook Likes," or email lists.)

Affiliate Offers

They're pretty much spam. No signings, referrals, or affiliate offers allowed.

Duplicate Listings

Do not create multiple listings for the same thing.

When in doubt over whether something is allowed, please ask.