I'm Max!

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  1. Hello everyone ^-^ Somehow, I've gone until 2020 before hearing about this place. Like most of you (I'm assuming), I'm a game owner looking for ways to drive traffic to my site. I exclusively roleplay realistic animals on forums, but I love playing D&D away from the computer!

    I'd love all the help I can get and I'm really excited to be part of this community. Cheers!
  2. MeganChan

    MeganChan Resident Game Owner

    Hello, welcome!
  3. Afro-Circus

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    Welcome, Max! It's love to meet you! :)
  4. Playerfiles

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    I am Will... glad to meet you... and I am in Germany (am American). Not visiting Deutschland, just work here.
    I love to roleplay and tell great historical fiction stories !!!
    Look me up on Discord !! William#5949