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  1. Shriker
    Shriker Angel River50
    Hey! Replying to other introduction posts, or participating in the Chatterbox forum is the easiest way to get your count up. :)
  2. Angel River50
    Angel River50
    Hey everyone, Angel here just hoping i get in and post my games: Nightwolf(a firefly rpg) and Trek: USS-Thunderchild.I'm looking for peeps.
  3. Amber
    I wish people would under stand how it feels to be depressed because then they would NOT be rude to us people who actually had it!
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    2. Archivist
      Jan 19, 2020
  4. Amber
  5. Amber
  6. Amber
  7. Amber
  8. Amber
  9. Amber
    I wish I had some sour patch, or something I is hungry!!!
  10. Amber
    Who like creepy pasta like and comment on this also who is ur fav. One?
  11. Amber
  12. Amber
    Amber lion
    Omg u like warrior cats 2! Who is ur fav cat (good and bad) mine is Mapleshade and Brambleclaw
  13. Amber
    Im awake and alive (not really awake but alive)
  14. Major Tom
    Major Tom
  15. Dabony
    Doing excessive roleplaying
  16. Shriker
    Shriker Smokey
    You are welcome to go elsewhere if you dislike our moderation and spam prevention process.
    1. Smokey
      That's a bit rude to say, I simply asked why you moderated new threads/posts for new users for as long as you do, there are plenty of ways to combat spambots within Xenforo without the need to manually approve every post, it's more work on your moderation staff than anything else.
      Aug 26, 2019
    2. Shriker
      Just the first post needs to be moderated, and generally, we do not work weekends.
      Aug 26, 2019
  17. Rowena Ravenclaw
    Rowena Ravenclaw
    In Plain Sight is searching for a promotions moderator, let me know if you want to join our awesome team!
  18. Somniac
    Somniac Lancar
    Re: conversation in Inactivity thread -
    That makes a lot more sense with the Discord aspect since one would have to actively leave that. I've never drifted off a site that I had a non-closed or inactive thread in that also had a Discord.
  19. Nevermind
    Nevermind Dao Ma
    You're the absolute best.
  20. Rune
    Life, slow down please.