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  1. Pegasus
    Pegasus Archivist
    Thank you for liking our site!!
  2. Shriker
    Shriker caitlynn cuttic
    Welcome to RPGfix!
  3. Shriker
    Shriker Monroe
    Welcome to RPGfix!
  4. eshye
  5. Pegasus
    Pegasus DinoRaptor
    Hi there! Thanks for liking our site!!
  6. Brittlez
    Brittlez Verridith
    -smacks with a stick-
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    2. Verridith
      ROOD AF - but! hey! YOU LOGGED IN! 8D
      Dec 31, 2018
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  7. Shriker
    Shriker Graivey
    Hey! Welcome to RPGfix.
  8. BobbyB
  9. Verridith
    Verridith Elffri3nd
    Welcome, my friend!
  10. Brittlez
    I got threatened with a stick
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    2. Verridith
      -holds the stick- :D
      Dec 31, 2018
  11. BobbyB
    To all SCRP voters: THANK YOU for your love and support through voting <3 We wouldn't be where we are today without it. Stay awesome!
  12. Verridith
    So our information website is all https; now just gotta wait for Jcink to support https custom domains and we'll be set! <3
  13. Shriker
    Shriker Punk
    Welcome to RPGfix!
  14. BobbyB
    Thanks to everybody who voted for Solvitur Charta Roleplay in October <3 The love and support is absolutely amazing
  15. Pegasus
    Pegasus Prongs
    Thank you for liking our site!
  16. Pegasus
    Pegasus Forgefist
    Thank you for liking our site!!
  17. Pegasus
    Pegasus Garland01
    Thank you for liking us!
  18. Pegasus
    Pegasus Fairytale
    Thank you for the like! <3
  19. Pegasus
    Loving it!
  20. BobbyB
    Thanks to everybody who voted for Solvitur Charta in September :D
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