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  1. BobbyB
    Thanks to everybody who voted for Solvitur Charta Roleplay in October <3 The love and support is absolutely amazing
  2. Pegasus
    Pegasus Prongs
    Thank you for liking our site!
  3. Pegasus
    Pegasus Forgefist
    Thank you for liking our site!!
  4. Pegasus
    Pegasus Garland01
    Thank you for liking us!
  5. Pegasus
    Pegasus Fairytale
    Thank you for the like! <3
  6. Pegasus
    Loving it!
  7. BobbyB
    Thanks to everybody who voted for Solvitur Charta in September :D
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  8. daedric prince
    daedric prince
    Blehh i'm so tired
  9. RP Collective
    RP Collective
    Hey All!
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  10. BobbyB
    BobbyB enroshia
    Welcome to the bunch <3
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  11. Shriker
    Shriker AsylumJax
    Hey! Welcome to RPGfix!
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    2. AsylumJax
      appreciate it thank you!
      May 25, 2018
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  12. Shriker
    Shriker Galactic Boop
    Welcome to RPGfix!
  13. Elena
    Happy May Day!
  14. Rune
    Any suggestions for getting 'fix to recognize that the button is RIGHT THERE?
    1. SithLordOfSnark
      If you have a jcink site, you need to post a bug report and Shriker will fix it for you. Otherwise, I have no idea.
      Apr 24, 2018
  15. Mister Karma
    Mister Karma
    Real life took priority.....le sigh
    1. valucre
      I think we've met before. Small world!
      Jun 11, 2018
  16. Shriker
    Shriker ForeverSeth
    Welcome to RPGfix!
  17. Ammut
    Why am I not in bed yet.
  18. EdlynnGremlin
    Contemplating glitterbombing nickpic ...
  19. Shriker
    Shriker Lolotte
    Welcome to RPGfix!
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  20. RachD
    Gamer, Writer, and Group Owner - just beginning to check things out here at RPGfix.
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